Top Locations to Travel On A Budget

It is unfortunate for a lot of us that our travel ambitions often exceed the size of our wallets. Fortunately there are still plenty of beautiful places to visit that aren’t going to leave you in the red with your bank for the foreseeable future. Regardless of whether you are looking for a beach getaway or a citybreak, there are plenty of places to visit that offer you a lot more for your money.


Although the country has had it’s fair share of tough times over the past few years, with high unemployment rates and riots hitting the news you would be forgiven for thinking it isn’t a good place to visit. The events in Greece have impacted its usually strong tourism trade but the result of this is that prices have come down considerably and local businesses are happier than ever to have tourists. Throw in the fact that the vast majority of Greece is exceptionally beautiful and you have a location that gives you sun, sea and sand without the usual high price tag.


We might be going a little farther afield than the likes of Europe but Mexico is a destination that gets really cheap fights from America and is well worth while considering if you are willing to splash out a bit of extra money or book early on. Once you are in the likes of Mexico City then what you will find is that you can get very high quality hotels for very cheap, putting it into perspective you are going to be spending a third of what you usually would in other capital cities. If you are in the mindset of getting the most out of your money rather than spending as little as possible then this is well worth your time.


When you compare the prices of holiday resorts in Europe, it is those of the Algarve that come out as some of the cheapest. Portugal might not be your preferred choice over the likes of Italy or Spain but it is a great option if you are on a low budget and conscious of this. Of course Lisbon is a great choice that is well worth exploring, especially if you are looking for a city break where you can enjoy a warmer climate and good quality food and drink.

South Africa

Another entry similar to that of Mexico, when you organise a trip to South Africa and utilise deals and good timing then you can experience a completely different world for a very reasonable rate. This is a great choice for those who love the outdoors, whether you want to go on an all-inclusive safari or see penguins in Cape Town and all for the incredibly reasonable price of $20! Go for a spot of adventure by hitting the coastline for some surfing lessons or simply for sunbathing, lets not forget all the history of the country too. Hotel rates have reduced considerably and if you were to go ‘off-season’ then they will be even lower.


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